Syntax® The Official Rock Band.

 After the break up of "Time" in Omaha Nebraska 1980, Keyboardist Doug Martens with his brother on bass Eric Martens formed "Emerald" in Des Moines Iowa, and when that band broke up the brothers duo met up with Guitarist/Vocalist Dale Beggs and Drummer Greg Shore to form "Syntax" which later added Joe Koelling on Guitars and Vocals. Micheal Shawn Anderson filled in for Greg Shore on drums for the "Jack's Lucky Nut Tour". Syntax released a promo cassette of the hit single: "Do What You Gotta Do", Genesis - "Abacab" and Jerry Doucette - "Momma Let Him Play". Syntax later released "Video Vegetable"(out of print), an album of original music, and a Christmas album "Syntaxmas"(out of print)  

In 1983 Guitarist/Vocalist Dale Beggs moved to Chicago and then Syntax carried on as a four piece and recorded the Concert Video "Syntax Summerfest"(available on itunes).  

In 1986 Keyboardist/Vocalist Doug Martens moved to Chicago to Reform Syntax with Guitarist/Vocalist Dale Beggs and Singer Pete Greeco of "Theatre".  

A disagreement between guitarist Dale Beggs and Guitarist Nick Cox broke out at Winterhawk Studios and the band split into two, Syntax and Theatre.  

The song "On and On" was released on both "Syntax - Chicago Projects"(out of print) 1989 and "Theatre - Sexy Lady" 1990. Pete Greco later formed "The Lounge Puppets" and took over in 2015 as lead singer in "ARRA" after Ronnie Platt left to become the lead singer of the band "Kansas".  

Pete also sings for “The Lounge Puppets”.  

Doug Martens moved to California in 1990 and added singer Ken Holstein and Syntax played gigs with "Smokin Mary" in Marin County.  

Doug Martens and Eric Martens played a Syntax reunion Concert in Nashville TN 1995.  

Doug Martens continued Syntax as a solo act at private parties and podcasts in Los Angeles until the Reunion Tour 2011 with Bassist Eric Martens and Guitarist/Vocalist Joe Koelling. The Band became estranged after the death of Band House Father Harvey Martens in 2012.  

In 2015 LA Guitarist Larry Shreddington joined Syntax but efforts were concentrating on Syntax "Rendition" 2019 a new Album of Original Material from all the original members as we put our grudges aside. After a few probates and health problems Syntax is back but find a few counterfeit Syntax bands forming every month that infringe our federal trademark and require expensive legal proceedings and valuable time to remove them.  

Today with the release "Summerfest" and the new album "Rendition" Keyboardist/Vocalist Doug Martens is putting together a new Tour but most of the other members are working on other projects Eric-“The Inferno Kats”, Joe-“Willie Mac and the Lost Cousins”.  Stay Tuned for new Live dates and Live podcasts and new Solo/Duo Tour.